About Rebecca's Books

Read On...Women's Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste (Read On Series)Created to offer a different perspective on women's fiction and to reach a broad reading audience (including fans), Read On...Women's Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste offers new reading paths for women's fiction lovers. Rebecca Vnuk categorizes and lists hundreds of popular women's fiction titles, but her scope is more current and more selective than that found other guides, the tone is lighter and more informal, annotations are shorter and livelier.

Women's Fiction Authors: A Research Guide (Author Research Series)
Students, researchers, readers' advisors, and fiction fans will find a starting point for researching popular women's fiction authors and to find new ones with this practical guide. It includes entries for approximately 75 leading contemporary authors, listing print and online sources, as well as Web sites for obtaining authoritative information.

Women's Fiction: A Guide to Popular Reading Interests celebrates the books in this broad genre—titles that explore the lives of female protagonists, with a focus on their relationships with family, friends, and lovers.The book identifies some of the most popular and enduring women's fiction authors and titles, and provides invaluable reading lists and readalike suggestions that will be appreciated by both librarians and general readers. Offering a fresh perspective on women's fiction for a broad reading audience—fans as well as librarians—this book defines and maps the genre, and describes hundreds of relevant titles.

A library is an ever-changing organism; when done the right way, weeding helps a library thrive by focusing its resources on those parts of the collection that are the most useful to its users. “The Weeding Handbook: A Shelf-by-Shelf Guide,” published by ALA Editions, takes the guesswork out of this delicate but necessary process, giving public and school library staff the knowledge and the confidence to effectively weed any collection, of any size.