Monday, July 20, 2009

Review: Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner
Addie has always been the good, quiet girl in comparison to her freewheeling friend Valerie. Everything changed in high school, when Valerie became one of the popular girls. When jock Dan Swansea sexually assaults Valerie, Addie comes to her rescue, only to be betrayed when Valerie denies everything, leaving Addie humiliated and outcast. Fifteen years later, on the night of their high school reunion, Valerie decides to try and make things right, only to end up turning their worlds upside down. In her revenge attempt on Dan, she runs him over with her car, leaving him for dead. Once again she turns to Addie for help, and the two set of on the run from the law. Local detective Jordan Novick has problems of his own, but is intrigued by a belt and a pool of blood found in a parking lot, and is shortly hot on the case.
Weiner’s latest showcases her talent for richly drawn, realistic characters. She deftly weaves in multiple backstories and subplots, punctuating her story with plenty of humor. Highly recommended for all fans of women’s fiction.

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