Friday, March 22, 2013

The Endurance of Women's Fiction

There is some truth to the notion that Women's Fiction is ephemeral - especially "contemporary" women's fiction. (I would say though that applies to contemporary fiction in general - things just don't always age well when they are grounded in a certain time period.) Chick lit in particular gets hit hard in this way, because it revolves so much around fashion, and trends, and name-dropping, etc.

Historical women's fiction however, tends to age nicely. Case in point - the recent Dusty Book review on Shelf Renewal of Jacqueline Briskin's The Naked Heart.

In The Naked Heart, bestselling author Briskin crafts a story of war, revenge, friendship, and love. Gilberte and Anne are best friends torn apart by the Nazis in World War I. Aristocratic Gilberte is uncovered as a collaborator while Anne gets to run off into the sunset with Gilberte’s cousin. Years later they meet again, and Gilberte is hell-bent on revenge.  Secrets from the past will get you every time…

You can read the full mini-review here, at Shelf Renewal

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